mike watt / george hurley
hurley and watt - all tomorrow's parties - november 8, 2003
November 8, 2003
All Tomorrow's Parties 2003
RMS Queen Mary
Long Beach, CA

1. The Maze MP3 FLAC 2. Definitions MP3 FLAC 3. Sickles and Hammers MP3 FLAC
4. Joe McCarthy's Ghost MP3 FLAC 5. Paranoid Chant MP3 FLAC 6. Search MP3 FLAC
7. Monuments MP3 FLAC 8. Ruins MP3 FLAC 9. The Punch Line MP3 FLAC
10. History Lesson (Part One) MP3 FLAC 11. Fanatics MP3 FLAC
12. Fake Contest MP3 FLAC 13. Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs MP3 FLAC
14. The Anchor MP3 FLAC 15. Cut MP3 FLAC
16. Dream Told By Moto MP3 FLAC 17. June 16th MP3 FLAC
18. Anxious Mo-Fo MP3 FLAC 19. One Reporter's Opinion MP3 FLAC
20. Toadies MP3 FLAC 21. The Glory of Man MP3 FLAC
22. Retreat MP3 FLAC 23. Political Song For Michael Jackson to Sing MP3 FLAC
24. Love Dance MP3 FLAC 25. Ack Ack Ack MP3 FLAC
26. Little Man With A Gun In His Hand MP3 FLAC

we jam econo

mike watt: bass, vocals
george hurley: drums, vocals

the show was recorded by TroutMask.
here's some notes from TroutMask about the show:

All Tomorrow's Parties
Nov. 8, 2003

Details: AT853(stealth mics w/battery pack)>SonyPCM100>SoundStudio>MacFLAC

I don't know any of these songs. Hopefully I put the track cuts in half-decent locations.

The sound in the venue was way too much for my little mics and I wouldn't normally seed this quality, but folks are asking for it so here it is. As is the case for many hard-to-get recordings, "At least it exists!" The encore was recorded after my wife and I sat down exhausted behind the crowd, so that's the worst bit. Hope you like it!

skippy skiffleton took a bunch of photos. you can view them HERE.
evan made some cd artwork for the show.
also, check out a show review and interview from dusted magazine.

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many thanx go to TroutMask for the source!

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