mike watt
and the black gang crew

December 9, 1997
Santa Monica, CA
Morning Becomes Eclectic - live on KCRW 89.9 FM
performance and interview discussing Watt's opera,

Contemplating The Engine Room.

1. DJ Introduction MP3 FLAC 2. In The Engine Room MP3 FLAC
3. Pedro Bound MP3 FLAC 4. The Boilerman MP3 FLAC
5 . Interview One MP3 FLAC 6. No One Says Old Man (To The Old Man) MP3 FLAC
7. Fireman Hurley MP3 FLAC 8. Interview Two MP3 FLAC
9. The Red And The Black/Credits MP3 FLAC

mike watt and the black gang crew in 1997
joe baiza - guitar (left)
watt - thud staff, spiel (center)
stephen hodges - drums (right)
steve reed - soundman + singing from the mixing desk

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