mike watt
and the pair of pliers

October 8, 2000
Higher Ground - Winooski, VT
Source: SBD>SonyMD MZ-R37
Taper: Jon Layton (ubiqridiculous@bellsouth.net)

1. Introduction/Get Gettin' Down Down MP3 SHN 2. Rebel Girl MP3 SHN
3. Forever MP3 SHN 4. One Reporter's Opinion MP3 SHN
5 . I Have Always Been Here Before MP3 SHN 6. Big Train MP3 SHN
7. Ball Buster MP3 SHN 8.The Glory Of Man MP3 SHN
9. I Felt Like A Gringo MP3 SHN 10. Search MP3 SHN
11. Walking the Cow MP3 SHN 12. The Red and The Black MP3 SHN
13. The 15th MP3 SHN 14. Little Johnny Jewel MP3 SHN
15. Prelude MP3 SHN 16. Surfin' With The Shah MP3 SHN
17. Ack Ack Ack MP3 SHN 18. Little Man With A Gun In His Hand MP3 SHN
19. Fear Is A Man's Best Friend MP3 SHN 20. Song For Igor MP3 SHN
21.The Blue Mask MP3 SHN 22. Chinese Firedrill/Speech MP3 SHN
23. The Big Bang Theory MP3 SHN 24. Speech/Formal Introduction MP3 SHN
25. All Hands On The Bad One MP3 SHN 26. Joe McCarthy's Ghost MP3 SHN
27. E-Ticket Ride MP3 SHN
md5 SHN checksum file

mike watt and the pair of pliers - fall 2000
watt - thud staff, spiel
vince meghrouni - drums
tom watson - guitar

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