mike watt
and the jom & terry show
tour flyer
time to cat and not mouse tour 2001
September 25, 2001
Lawrence, KS - The Bottleneck
recorded to minidisc with core sound mics binural

1. All Sexed Up MP3 SHN 2. Three Girl Rhumba MP3 SHN 3. Ex-Lion Tamer MP3 SHN
4. One Reporter's Opinion MP3 SHN 5. Caroline Says MP3 SHN 6. Conspirator's Oath MP3 SHN
7. Amnesty Report MP3 SHN 8. Love Dance MP3 SHN 9. The Product MP3 SHN
10. Anxious Mo-Fo MP3 SHN 11. Toadies MP3 SHN 12. June 16th MP3 SHN
13. She Don't Know Why I'm Here MP3 SHN 14. Sweet Honey Pie MP3 SHN
15. The Big Bang Theory MP3 SHN 16. Walkin' The Cow MP3 SHN
17. The Red And The Black MP3 SHN 18. Guts MP3 SHN 19. Liars Beware MP3 SHN
20. Venus MP3 SHN 21. Only You Will Know MP3 SHN 22. Chinese Firedrill MP3 SHN
23. Revolution (Part Two) MP3 SHN 24. Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter MP3 SHN
25. Down With The Bass MP3 SHN 26. What Gets Heard MP3 SHN
md5 SHN checksum file

mike watt and the jom & terry show
: (l to r) mike watt: bass, vocals
jerry trebotic: drums
tom watson: guitar, vocals

read watt's tour diary entry for this show here.

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