October 26, 1981 - San Francisco, CA
Mabuhay Gardens - KUSF 90.3 FM radio simulcast

the MINUTEMEN opened for T.S.O.L.
you can hear Mike Watt say that this was only the
second time they had ever played an encore.

1. Static MP3 FLAC 2. If Reagan Played Disco MP3 FLAC 3. Clocks MP3 FLAC 4. Warfare MP3 FLAC
5. Joy MP3 FLAC 6. The Maze MP3 FLAC 7. Joe McCarthy's Ghost MP3 FLAC
8. Maternal Rite MP3 FLAC 9. Black Sheep MP3 FLAC 10. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love MP3 FLAC
11. Search MP3 FLAC 12. Prelude MP3 FLAC 13. History Lesson MP3 FLAC
14. Straight Jacket MP3 FLAC 15. More Joy MP3 FLAC 16. The Punch Line MP3 FLAC
17. Working Men Are Pissed MP3 FLAC 18. Fanatics MP3 FLAC 19. Definitions MP3 FLAC
20. Sickles And Hammers MP3 FLAC 21. Paranoid Chant MP3 FLAC 22. Tension MP3 FLAC

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