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August 24, 1984 - Tuscon, AZ
The Sound Factory - KLPX FM radio broadcast

Just A Minute... Men or Jam Schtik To Do For Gigs
This is probably the most famous MINUTEMEN boot out there.
The MINUTEMEN used 4 songs from this show for their Tour Spiel 7"
The guy who recorded the show got pissed because they didn't ask him first
so he put out this bootleg which he titled Just A Minute... Men.
In response to this and other bootlegs, the MINUTEMEN had planned to release
their own live record. This was to be the next project after 3 Way Tie For Last and was
to be called 3 Dudes 6 Sides 3 Studio 3 Live. There was even a ballot inserted inside of
3 Way Tie For Last so fans could choose which songs they would play for the live sides.
After D.Boon died, Mike Watt compiled Ballot Result from various bootlegs fans had sent in.

1. Joe McCarthy's Ghost MP3 FLAC 2. The Big Foist MP3 FLAC 3. The Only Minority MP3 FLAC
4. Life As A Rehearsal MP3 FLAC 5. No Exchange MP3 FLAC 6. The Maze MP3 FLAC
7. Ain't Talkin' Bout Love MP3 FLAC 8. Party With Me Punker MP3 FLAC
9. Anxious Mo-Fo MP3 FLAC 10. Retreat MP3 FLAC 11. The Red And The Black MP3 FLAC
12. Green River MP3 FLAC 13. Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing MP3 FLAC
14. The Glory Of Man MP3 FLAC 15. Static MP3 FLAC 16. Search MP3 FLAC
17. The Punch Line MP3 FLAC 18. Two Beads At The End MP3 FLAC
19. Little Man With A Gun In His Hand MP3 FLAC 20. History Lesson Part II MP3 FLAC

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