August 2, 1984 - Miami Beach, FL
Flynn's Ocean 71 - FM radio simulcast
source: bootleg cd, live at flynn's ocean 71

1. It's Expected I'm Gone MP3 FLAC 2. Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing. MP3 FLAC
3. Toadies MP3 FLAC 4. God Bows To Math MP3 FLAC 5. The Glory Of Man MP3 FLAC
6. Corona MP3 FLAC 7. Anxious Mo-Fo MP3 FLAC 8. Please Don't Be Gentle With Me MP3 FLAC
9. Retreat MP3 FLAC 10. Beacon Sighted Through Fog MP3 FLAC
11. The Only Minority MP3 FLAC 12. Mutiny In Jonestown MP3 FLAC
13. Life As A Rehearsal MP3 FLAC 14. '99 MP3 FLAC 15. Black Sheep MP3 FLAC
16. Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs MP3 FLAC 17. The Anchor MP3 FLAC
18. Ack Ack Ack MP3 FLAC 19. The Big Foist MP3 FLAC
20. One Reporter's Opinion MP3 FLAC 21. Don't Look Now MP3 FLAC
22. Self-Referenced MP3 FLAC 23. Nothing Indeed MP3 FLAC
24. Two Beads At The End MP3 FLAC 25. No Exchange MP3 FLAC
26. The Roar Of The Masses Could Be Farts MP3 FLAC 27. This Ain't No Picnic MP3 FLAC
28. Green River MP3 FLAC 29. Themselves MP3 FLAC
30. Little Man With A Gun In His Hand MP3 FLAC 31. Mr. Robot's Holy Orders MP3 FLAC
32. Cut MP3 FLAC 33. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love MP3 FLAC 34. The Red And The Black MP3 FLAC
35. Jesus And Tequila MP3 FLAC 36. I Felt Like A Gringo MP3 FLAC 37. Paranoid Chant MP3 FLAC
38. Joe McCarthy's Ghost MP3 FLAC 39. The Product MP3 FLAC 40. Split Red MP3 FLAC
41. Plight MP3 FLAC 42. Definitions MP3 FLAC

artwork: front cover back flap track listing back coverinner tray

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