April 14, 1992 - Boulder, CO
The Boulder Theater

1. Max And Wells MP3 FLAC 2. In My Mind MP3 FLAC 3. Down With The Bass MP3 FLAC
4. Formal Introduction MP3 FLAC 5. Epoxy, For Example MP3 FLAC
6. The First Cuss MP3 FLAC 7. Riddle of The Eighties MP3 FLAC
8. Whisperin' While Hollerin' MP3 FLAC 9. Powerful Hankerin' MP3 FLAC
10. Flyin' The Flannel MP3 FLAC 11. Backroads MP3 FLAC
12. For The Singer of R.E.M. MP3 FLAC 13. Song For Dave Alvin MP3 FLAC
14. Honey, Please MP3 FLAC 15. Towin' The Line MP3 FLAC 16. Lost Colors MP3 FLAC
17. Unalienable(?) MP3 FLAC 18. (fade-in) Slack Motherfucker MP3 FLAC
19. Badges MP3 FLAC 20. Revolution (Part Two) MP3 FLAC
21. The Red And The Black MP3 FLAC

notes: Source: Sony WM D-6 Pro Walkman w/ Sony ECM-909 stereo mic.
Recorded from front row, center of balcony.
Lineage: Master Cassette -> Pro Tools -> SDII -> CDR -> flac

This offering is missing 2 or 3 songs that were played between tracks 17&18.
The taper did a tape flip here and guesses that the tape was not seated right
because the recording was totally messed up for about 8 minutes or so.
It must have righted itself, because everything is fine thereafter.

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