August 22, 1987
Shadowbox Gardens
(private house party)
San Pedro, CA

1. Sometimes MP3 SHN
2. Under the Influence of Meat Puppets MP3 SHN
3. It Matters MP3 SHN 4. Me & You, Remembering MP3 SHN
5 . Brave Captain MP3 SHN 6. Backroads MP3 SHN
7. Relatin' Dudes To Jazz MP3 SHN 8. Things Could Turn Around MP3 SHN
9. Anger MP3 SHN 10. The Candle And The Flame MP3 SHN
11. Choose Any Memory MP3 SHN 12. Another Theory Shot to Shit MP3 SHN
13. Chemical Wire MP3 SHN 14. Thunder Child MP3 SHN
15. Locked-In MP3 SHN

ed fROMOHIO - guitar, vocals
mike watt - bass, spiel
george hurley - drums

all MP3's are encoded at 192 kb/s.
find out about .SHN (Shorten) files and find a decoder HERE.
use the typical 'right-click' & 'save target as' to download each file
or use a program like FlashGet to make life easier.
many thanx go to richard derrick providing for the source!

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