MINUTEMEN - 'Corndogs' (1985)
CORNDOGS opening logod.boon ain't talkin' bout lovewatt under firehurley ready to clean

This infamous 'Corndogs' video is here!!!! Thanx to the great work of Jeff Saunders and others we are proud to present you with these files!

The legend of this video goes back to 1985 when SST had planned to release this as a video. I remember getting the SST catalog and calling immediately to order it only to be told it had been delayed. Well, supposedly what happened was that the master tape was stolen out of the van that was taking it to the duplication plant. It was the only copy! So it was never released. The copies that have been floating around are cheap dubs that were made at the time. You'll notice the time code on the videos. There are a few time gaps in the video and the quality seems to be about 20th generation, but you'll still love these clips. If you have a better copy you'd care to donate that would be very swell! ;) Anyways, enjoy! Many many thanx to all who have helped make this possible.

If you have any historical or factual information, corrections or a better copy, please write: sirdemondbrown@yahoo.com
Current historical information would not have been possible without reference from Erinn Cunningham's excellent Jam Schtik To Do For Gigs website.

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There are 3 gaps in the video. At least 15 minutes worth of video is missing.
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you want me to clean this? b&w_nopicnic.mov Corndogs intro - Cleaning Skit -
Ack Ack Ack
Ain't Talkin Bout Love
This Ain't No Picnic video
kings of the hill I can't believe.mov King of the Hill video
ahhh... this guy! Interview1_wattmeetsD.mov MINUTEMEN interview
Watt meets D.Boon
minutemen at sea pregame_outside.mov crowd filing in for the Joy At Sea gig
Aboard The Cormorant at San Pedro Harbour
June 15, 1984 - San Pedro, CA
is this the party? boat_partyingwillhelp.mov Maybe Partying Will Help
Joy At Sea gig
June 15, 1984 - San Pedro, CA
more joy boat_michaeljackson.mov Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing
Joy At Sea gig
June 15, 1984 - San Pedro, CA
hey ice machine.... boat2fchapt3wattsing.mov Cut
Joy At Sea
June 15, 1984 - San Pedro, CA
an american patriot indian fighter died with shit in his pants boat_custer.mov The Punch Line
Joy At Sea gig
June 15, 1984 - San Pedro, CA
ok.. you can play at my pad interv2_hurleyhadshed.mov MINUTEMEN interview
Hurley had a shed
they're pissed 2songs_don'tknow.mov Working Men Are Pissed
Life As A Rehearsal
9:30 Club - Washington DC - (1984)
i'm one knot tangled in a heap jumpship.mov Mutiny in Jonestown
9:30 Club - Washington DC - (1984)
what hath punk wrought? 10songstakeworld.mov

MINUTEMEN interview
early playing history - first gig

my neck is a knot two beads at the end 2beads.mov Two Beads At The End
McCabe's Guitar Shop -
Santa Monica, CA - (1984)
(also see 2 boxes below)
my examination plots a to b nothingindeed.mov Nothing Indeed
McCabe's Guitar Shop -
Santa Monica, CA - (1984)
(also see box below)
charlie haden can say he played with the minutemen ... the minutemen can say they played with charlie haden

NEW!!!!! (05-20-2003)

minutemen corndogs 01.25.12-01.41.29.mpg (162 meg)

Two Beads At The End
Nothing Indeed
No Exchange

Little Man With A Gun In His Hand with Charlie Haden
McCabe's Guitar Shop
Santa Monica, CA - (1984)
better than the lame dudes interview4suburbs.mov MINUTEMEN interview
joy outside the shed
are you gonna fight when they call out your number?

NEW!!!!! (07-22-2003)

minutemen corndogs 1.43.06-1.44.51.mpg (24 meg)

The Maze
Joe McCarthy's Ghost
Anti-Club - December 17, 1982 - Hollywood, CA
we don't set out to make great records interview5.mov

MINUTEMEN interview
living and playing in the now

five beautiful girls robbed me boat_song.mov The Anchor
Joy At Sea gig
June 15, 1984 - San Pedro, CA
the working masses are manipulated boat_dominoes.mov Viet Nam
Joy At Sea gig
June 15, 1984 - San Pedro, CA
van halen rules! interview6_d.covers.mov MINUTEMEN interview
D.Boon talks about playing covers

i was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth

NEW!!!!! (10-19-2003)

minutemen corndogs 1.49.29-1.53.52.mpg

Hey Lawdy Mama
I-Beam - San Francisco, CA - 1985
george you've been bad... you don't get your per diem today interview7_touring.mov MINUTEMEN interview
talk about touring
she loved me so good she made her daddy mad tequila_lawrence.mov Jesus And Tequila
May 5, 1985
University of Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas
let you open for us? are you crazy? b&w_radiointerview.mov MINUTEMEN radio interview
guy asks to open the show
the effort's worth it feels good designed by me watchamakin_etc__.mov Martin's Story
#1 Hit Song
Olympic Stadium
May 12, 1984 - Los Angeles, CA
watch as your comrades fall

NEW!!!!! (10-19-2003)

minutemen corndogs 2.01.10-2.02.43.mpg

Search (better quality)
Olympic Stadium
May 12, 1984 - Los Angeles, CA
missing gap in video (5 minutes missing)
MINUTEMEN interview - talk about songwriting
Jam For Raymond - Be-Bop Records - Reseda, CA - 1985
MINUTEMEN radio interview - Mike talks with caller about the 'swing to the right.'
view the observer's plagerizing hands whores.mov The Roar of the Masses Could Be Farts
9:30 Club - Washington DC - (1984)
god given accuracy measuring untold prophecy godgiven.mov God Bows To Math
9:30 Club - Washington DC - (1984)
collecting dispersing information 3songs_.mov Please Don't Be Gentle With Me
Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs
9:30 Club - Washington DC - (1984)
watch out for the fascists in new orleans dspiel_homevideo.mov super 8 tour footage
D.Boon talking at gig at a "liberal college"
in New York.

Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want The Truth?
Irvine Rivers Amphitheatre - Irvine, CA - 1984
Love Dance
Cathay de Grande - Hollywood, CA - 1984

i wonder if there are some corndogs at this party...

NEW!!! (05-22-03)

minutemen corndogs 02.18.53-02.24.09.mpg (54 meg)

The Big Foist
God Bows To Math

1. radio chat with party girl
2. at somebody's backyard outdoor party. watt looks really enthused.
even more footage!!?