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Corndogs! (1985)
The infamous Corndogs! video!!
last updated: October 19, 2003
acoustic blowout!
MINUTEMEN - Acoustic Blowout (1985)
from Los Angeles public access television.
Setlist: The Meter Man/Corona/Themselves/The Red And The Black/Badges/
I Felt Like Gringo/Time/Green River/Lost/Ack Ack Ack/Ain't Talkin' Bout Love/
History Lesson Part II/Tour Spiel/Little Man With A Gun In His Hand

WindowsMedia8 (27:44)
syrup lacking total
MINUTEMEN - 'The Tour' (1985)
live at the Stone - San Francisco, CA. March 1st, 1985.
This footage is from the now out-of-print SST video, 'The Tour.'
That's Cris Kirkwood of the Meat Puppets jumping on stage for 'Lost.'
Setlist: Corona/Beacon Sighted Through Fog/The Only Minority/Badges/
The Cheerleaders/Lost

MPEG1 (11:35)
heading down... down...

fIREHOSE - Down With The Bass (1991)
MPEG1 (2:47)

try to pull on my finger

fIREHOSE - Walking The Cow (1991)
MPEG1 (3:57)

do ya wanna ride?

Mike Watt - Big Train (1995)
directed by Spike Jonze.
The Union Pacific Railroad sued over the use of the toy trains in the video.
I guess they thought it reflected badly on them.
The video was yanked because of it.
MPEG1 (3:28)

watt lets 'loose'
Asheton Asheton Mascis Watt - Pukkel Pop (2002)
The Ashetons (Ron and Scott) with J.Mascis and Mike Watt
doing Stooges. from the Pukkel Pop festival in Belgium
on August 24, 2002.
Setlist: Fun House (not recorded)/Real Cool (not recorded)/
Loose (video starts halfway)/Not Right/Down on the street
/No Fun/
I Wanna Be Your Dog/1969/Little Doll /1970/TV Eye

WindowsMedia7 (48:00)