Big Bottom Pow Wow
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February 19, 1993
Westlake Audio, Hollywood, CA

notes: Big Bottom Pow Wow was released as a fIREHOSE promotional CD in 1993.
the CD consists of 5 spiels between Mike Watt, Flea, Cris Kirkwood and
Les Claypool (via phone) discussing bass (the instrument).
between each spiel on the CD there is a fIREHOSE track from its different
Columbia releases. in order: Witness, Revolution (Part Two), Down With The Bass,
Blaze and a live unreleased version of Formal Introduction.
this version is provided here and was recorded on March 15, 1993
in New York City at Electric Lady Studios. J.Mascis plays lead guitar.

People, This Is Why (first spiel) MP3 SHN
Sperm Count Theory (second spiel) MP3 SHN
What About Don Quixote? (third spiel) MP3 SHN
If You Fail, You Fall Down (fourth spiel) MP3 SHN
Enough Spiel? (final spiel) MP3 SHN

fIREHOSE - Formal Introduction MP3 SHN

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