October 12, 2002
The Elbo Room
San Francisco, CA

Set One
1. intro set one MP3 SHN 2. New Old Hat MP3 SHN 3. Oh My People MP3 SHN
4. I'll Take You There MP3 SHN 5. "Perk's Middle East Feast" MP3 SHN
6. La Sirena MP3 SHN 7. (new Willie tune) MP3 SHN
8. (untitled) MP3 SHN 9.Little Doll MP3 SHN

Set Two
1. intro set two/Sparks MP3 SHN 2. Lovin' Them Pounds MP3 SHN
3. (untitled swing) MP3 SHN 4. Maggot Brain MP3 SHN
5. A Love Supreme MP3 SHN 6. Funhouse MP3 SHN
7. TV Eye MP3 SHN 8. Dirt MP3 SHN 9. Only You Will Know MP3 SHN
10 . Wave Rave MP3 SHN 11. We Are Time MP3 SHN
12. (stage banter) MP3 SHN 13. E-Ticket Ride MP3 SHN

perkins and watt - banyan 10-12-02- photo by  peter g. whitfield. click on the photo to see more!
stephen perkins - drums
nels cline - guitar
mike watt - bass, vocals
memphis willie - trumpet
norton wisdom - painting

watt's thoughts on this gig:

let me tell everyone here my thoughts on this show:

it was very frustrating for me cuz my bass amp overheated
early and lost all punch and definition. I couldn't hear much of
anything I was playing after a couple of tunes and it was very hard
to get into. perk and nels said the same after the gig though they
played great. norton painted like a champ. willie was blowin'. for
me, I know there's been much better banyan shows so please don't
think this is a typical banyan show here. kind of embarrassing for me
people might think this is the best representation of banyan live.
it's a crippled show cuz of crippled equipment. I have since added
fans to my amp and haven't had this problem.

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