November 30, 1985 - Atlanta, GA
WREK 91.1 FM
Georgia Institute of Technology

1. Warm Up Paranoia MP3 FLAC 2. Anxious Mo-Fo MP3 FLAC 3. Toadies MP3 FLAC
4. The Big Foist MP3 FLAC 5. Retreat MP3 FLAC 6. Corona MP3 FLAC
7. Courage MP3 FLAC 8. Fake Contest MP3 FLAC
9. Beacon Sighted Through Fog MP3 FLAC 10. The Only Minority MP3 FLAC
11. Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want The Truth? MP3 FLAC
12. King Of The Hill MP3 FLAC 13. Hey Lawdy Mama MP3 FLAC 14. The Cheerleaders MP3 FLAC
15. Political Nightmare MP3 FLAC 16. What Is It? MP3 FLAC 17. Stories MP3 FLAC
18. Hey Good Lookin' MP3 FLAC 19. Bermuda MP3 FLAC 20. One Reporter's Opinion MP3 FLAC
21. Dream Told By Moto MP3 FLAC 22. Badges MP3 FLAC 23. I Felt Like a Gringo MP3 FLAC
24. Jesus And Tequila MP3 FLAC 25. No One MP3 FLAC 26. The Big Stick MP3 FLAC
27. Love Dance MP3 FLAC 28. Lost MP3 FLAC 29. The Anchor MP3 FLAC
30. It's Expected I'm Gone MP3 FLAC 31. Spillage MP3 FLAC 32. Mr. Robot's Holy Orders MP3 FLAC
33. Don't Look Now MP3 FLAC 34. God Bows To Math MP3 FLAC
35. Please Don't Be Gentle With Me MP3 FLAC 36. The Glory Of Man MP3 FLAC

notes: the MINUTEMEN most likely played "live on the air" in the studios at WREK 91.1 FM.
this is the student run radio station at Georgia Institute of Technology. they regularly have bands
play live over the air. there is some dispute as to when this "show" took place however.
on the boot cd i received, the show was listed as November 29, 1985. some of these songs
('I Felt Like A Gringo', 'Jesus And Tequila', 'Courage', 'King Of The Hill', 'Bermuda',
and 'Mr. Robot's Holy Orders') appeared in better fidelity on the SST release,
Ballot Result
. the credits for that album list the date as November 30, 1985.
so i went with that date. at least 3 songs are missing from this set.
'Little Man With A Gun In His Hand' and 'Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing'
appear on Ballot Result. 'The Red And The Black' should appear after 'The Glory Of Man.'
unfortunately, the song gets cut off on my copy after about 10 seconds. in addition to all of this,
the copy i acquired was roughly one whole step sharp. in laymen's terms, the recording was "fast."
i have corrected the pitch as best as i could. in doing so though, the length of the "show"
has increased to roughly 83 minutes which makes it just slightly too big to fit onto one cd.
also, the ending of 'Hey Good Lookin'' and the beginning of 'Bermuda' are truncated most likely
due to the original "taper" flipping the tape over.

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many thanx go to h2owings for the source!

if you have any more historical info or the missing songs, please let me know
by writing sirdemonbrown@yahoo.com